Hamscher Homestead

A visit, my new salon and Summer Fun Time

It was GREAT to get to see my parents!

Brought my mom a new planter full of pretties and just enjoyed our visit. So much to talk about! The new babies, the kids, the family, the beautiful weather and plans! Big plans! haha

Love you Mom and Dad!

This is from you favorite child… just saying! Yes, I know!

Ohhh, Sooo much fun with my nieces…

I need to remember to tell Jen over at the salon that she has two super cute future workers… Full mani/pedi done by these girls. Payment was HUGS!! Which was my favorite part of the day!! I have missed seeing my family the last two months.

I sure am excited to be able to get to see the new babies… SOON! I hope.

This is going to sound… weird, I guess. I was excited to see all these little critters return to the yard! For some time we had not many. Not at all!! When was the last time you appreciated a bug?? These littles help to pollinate all my flowers and garden goodies. Thank you for your visit!

The left and middle are ladybugs and the right is a BIG bumblebee!!

Lastly, it was fun to sit and relax at home …

Joe set up the music, we had a fire, even roasted a marshmallow. Or two with some chocolate and graham crackers. That is what summer is all about, right??

I sure hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather… The sunshine is warm and rejuvenating!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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