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A trip to Illinois plus other fun stuff.

a trip to Illinois

A trip to Illinois

Due to the vehicle “situation” a trip to Illinois calls for a vehicle rental. And if you saw my little post from yesterday… YES, I sure did enjoy the Ford Expedition with the panoramic sunroof!! However, though… so many buttons and weird things….

Like this… I know I am kinda old school, BUT what the what?? This should be illegal.. really!! No wonder no one knows how to drive stick shift either. ANYWAY, it got me to and from with out a single issue and was returned last night. I guess, back to no vehicle …. for now.

a trip to Illinois

It is always a good day when Mom can “work” with me… we chat about nothing important and just have a fun time. This time we were making deliveries all over Illinois on Friday. Where you one of the luck people to get some fun goodies?? If not, I have mail that went out today and more for tomorrow too!!

a trip to illinois

So anyone recognize this person??

So, Trevor and Bee moved to northern Illinois a couple weeks ago and I was getting the tour. This photo was taken quick… because we were talking remodeling projects of COURSE!! I do love a good remodel, right??

Hamscher Homestead

That would have been a GREAT segue to the kitchen remodel right? Well, Joe went back to work and really nothing has changed in the last week. Waiting for a few things to get here and then…. the WINDOW…

Buttt you will have to wait for that! Joe and I were talking, for those that come to the Flutter by Studio about lights. More on that soon too!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


  • Paula Poindexter

    Can’t wait for the window to be put in. However, I can that as a major distraction for me. At least when the sun is shining!
    Nice to see Trevor with you for a change. Enjoy your new home Trevor and Bee!
    Spending time with Mom is a wonderful thing. As often as possible I say!

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