Coffee and Cards

A promise is a Promise…

Yesterday I promised to…

And I almost forgot, Sorry. Here is the first of the coffee cups. I had a bigger plan for these, but my order did not get here today. Cross your fingers that it get here tomorrow, PLEASE. Otherwise, the retreat is going to be SUPER interesting.. NOT!!

Anyway, I know that you guys make EVERYDAY amazing!! But the sentiments in this set are just toooo fun!! “You’ve got this but first” then you add either coffee or tea. “Let’s hang out soon“, is not recommended right now, but how about just on the phone or video chat?? “Rise and Shine” even without the sun the last few days, it has been right off to my “office”. That is what I call it, but you guys call it the craft room. Lastly, this one is really not a sentiment as much as an action or a feeling. Well, at least for me. “XOXOXO” and if you ask my Hubby or my Son, they will tell you that this is how I sign my notes at home!! Needless to say that that will get used for sure!!

I hope we rise and shine tomorrow to a sun shiny kinda day!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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