Hamscher Homestead

A post and a prettier view.

Here is my post… hahaa

I have been meaning to share this with you for a couple weeks. Dang, I am sorry. This beautiful cedar post make all those, not so little anymore, veggies plants much happier. The red hose waters the veggies, the black hose is extra. Why extra?? because we have been using the fire pit and it is always good to have water near by!! Just in case!

Starting with the left. This is the future home to this years fairy garden. This ground cover has completely taken over, but is a perfect spot for a fairy or two to take refuge. Secondly, the right. Have you heard of straw flowers?? I have only seen yellow ones. This year I found RED!! I am kicking myself for only getting one pot. dang!! They are just soo cool looking. Would you agree??

Top left: Brussel Sprouts, I just can not wait to have them “fresh”. Three of the four plants are doing great. One is a little slower. Top right: Broccoli, this one I could eat straight from the stack. There are actually six plants. I sure that is enough?? hummmm. Bottom left: Zucchini, four groups of plants. The photo here is actually two plants. Finally, Potatoes. Those take a bit longer, but ohhh they are getting tall. Time to work in some more dirt and add the last of the straw. uuugghh, I very much dislike weeds!!

How is your garden coming along?? You know what? I forgot to check the trees this week. I will have to do that for next week!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

I was contacted by the Culver Library. They will be opening up in July. However, we will not be starting classes until August at the earliest.


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