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A Party Cats Plants plus I am exhausted

A Party Cats Plants plus

With the summer winding down there is still soo much to do!! However, you need to take time to celebrate friends when they are getting married. I was soo happy to Celebrate with Kaitlyn and Phil. The day will be here before you know it!! I know that smile is a HUGE indication of your happiness!!

I think that Henry is taking lessons from Donnie. Donnie is on the left and Henry on the right. They sure take lots of naps. Kinda wish that I could join them. Well once in a while!! Especially with the weather that has been soo warm!! How about where you are at??

Lastly, this week, Flowers. As you know I have been working very hard outside again this year. I of course found some amazing clearance rack flowers. That have been planted, will share those next week. The day lilies, yarrow and daisies were struggling. All of them were root bound and dang are they happy to out of those containers!!

The photo on the right. Is another new flower in the wild flower patch. Yes, I looked it up, it is a Prairie Babies Breathe. I liked it, so it did not get pulled. I did however evict a few unwanted things. Some tall crazy week that was super tough to pull. Fingers crossed that it does not come back.

I hope that you have an amazing week!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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  • Paula

    Oh those smiles! So happy for Phil and Kaitlyn!
    Cat naps are the best
    Enjoy seeing your gardens each tie I visit your home.

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