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A Mouse Flowers and small Harvest this week.

A Mouse Flowers and small Harvest

A Mouse Flowers and small Harvest

It has been a week… let me tell you about A Mouse Flowers and small Harvest. Starting off here… with Clyde. I found him over here several times. Sent this picture to Joe. He pulled out the oven on Friday night. Saw nothing. Still Clyde and Cuddles would sit here. With that we went proactive. Got some traps and steel wool. Before it even got a chance to arrive. Joe found Cuddle “playing” with a mouse in the master bath. Yup, I have no clue who actually did the deed. However, I am grateful to have mousers in the house again. I knew one of them would get it.

A Mouse Flowers and small Harvest

I love find these two huddled still together. Just prior to me getting this photo. Clyde was giving Donnie a bath. They are loving these slightly cooler temperatures. All the sniffy sniffs from the outside breezes.

This line of amazing Sunflowers is in the garden. They are really putting on a show. Especially this little but mighty Teddy Bear Sunflower. The head is as big as my hand. I am really enjoying these!!

Speaking of Show Stoppers, these Dahlias are there too. The pink/ purple are just opening and are in the garden by the kitchen window. There are 5 clumps there. This is the first to bloom. The second photo is in the tub out front. I have NO idea what its name is but it is going to be a big one. You can see the hose in the background I took this photo when I was watering the other day. I can not wait until the rest start blooming.

Lastly, remember last weeks grapes?? What a difference a week makes. I sure am getting excited! Joe was surprised and excited also. I wonder how much longer. I will keep you posted. Tonight I went out to check on tomatoes and found a bunch of things.. Loads of green beans, several carrots, a few tomatoes and onions without “leaves”. So I pulled those too. Looking forward to more goodies too!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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