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A message from Dad

I get a message from my Dad who lives in Illinois that we have rain coming to fill the pond. I sent him this picture… the pond is already pretty full. The hubby did not get time to take the “fountain” out of the pond last year so this has been our “gauge” all winter… It went from seeing the Pipe holding the “funnel” to just the funnel and now… Just the top.

Wonder how high it will get once the “April showers” get here. The ground around the lower areas surrounding the pond are already saturated.

Last year the BIG willow you see in the top picture was completely surrounded by water this time last year. The weather was warmer and we had a lot of rain. Time will tell. Thanks for the weather update, Dad.

Joe was off Saturday night so we went to one of our favorite Pizza places to eat. Had a couple adult beverages and relaxed. It was a nice night of chatting and eating that yummy pizza.

Hope you are off to a great start of the week!!

See you tomorrow… Have a Great day getting Crafty!!

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