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A lot of Dirt on the Homestead this week. Just a peek.

A lot of Dirt on the Homestead

A lot of Dirt on the Homestead

You know how busy I have been … planting, weeding and just getting dirt EVERYWHERE!! haha, This week is all about … A lot of Dirt on the Homestead. I know that it has been a while since you have seen my face here. I miss sharing my smile with you. Although I love seeing your smile more!!

Anyway, this week I will be not be sharing too much because, as you know. Dad is a blog reader. He will be heading out for a Homestead visit this week. So.. he will have to wait to see. Which is okay with me. I promise and you may even get a two day post, but that is how much is going on here.

Here is the #snoopervisor line up.

Mooch decided, he needed to assist …but laying on the clover. Cuddles claimed she was here to pull weeds. It was more like make a bigger mess. Humm, Did I plant a kitty?? I do not remember planting that there… Junior almost startled me. As I was pulling weeds I saw a moving skinny thing. Well, it was just his tail.

A lot of Dirt on the Homestead

Here is the third project of the week. The memorial garden. Yes, I got it mostly done. I can not wait to plant all the new flowers. Some I grew from seed and some I purchased. Finger crossed that we get some rain!! Okay, if only I could have it rain on just the plants. So that I have no more weeds, haha.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

July Paper Pumpkin peek


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