Hamscher Homestead

A lot going on here..

I am so excited to share with you all that has been going on this week…

New baby chicks… some more gardening … and a new do.

The hubby decided that it was time to get rid of those sassafras trees… Moved a few decorations from the flower bed, he backed up the truck and… a couple tugs… BYE bye to unwanted trees

Then baby peeps… they are so dang cute!! The auction is a dangerous place for me… Took the 5 unwanted Roosters…. came home with 7 babies. One was old enough to put outside… more on her next week.

Did you turn up the volume? I was sure to get them talking… to YOU!

I have the best hairdresser EVER!! Yes, you are seeing lavender!!

Funny, I told a stamping sister to be brave this same morning. Decided it was my turn, too! Only positive comments please! Jen (my hairdresser) You are AMAZING! Thank you!

Need her information let me know…. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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