Hamscher Homestead

A long Hot week here on the Homestead

A long Hot week here

A long Hot week here

It sure has been A long Hot week here on the homestead. As you can see this was a cloudy morning, but dang it those Fiesta Hibiscus did not care one bit. A few hours earlier they were open so big that they looked more like umbrellas then in this photo. I will say that it did look soo cool, the way the ruffles curled down. Anyway, pretty none the less.

A long Hot week here

On Friday I was at an amazing leaders conference. However, Clyde was NOT excited about it. As you can see, he was all in the way. I truly am grateful for all that Stampin’ Up! does for all it’s demonstrators. AMAZING. I will have to admit thought that this photo is a…

Snoopervisor FAIL!!

However, I am sure that Clyde does not care about that. He loves hanging out with us. I will also add that I really do enjoy having them as FREE entertainment.

A long Hot week here

Innocent enough right?? Yeah well let me share prior to the photo. As you can see thing were tall and seemingly thick back here. I saw the weeds moving and hear them too. I was about to freak out… And out she appeared. phew, that sure was a close call. Goodness knows what else wiggled through here. Yes, she was following a scent.

On another note, yes, things were getting out of control back here. No worries though, after about 30 ish minutes this whole area was cleaned up.

Yes, I went allll the way around the deck. Along the house and even under. I did happen to locate a few critters too. As pictured here my new frog friend. Thankful that Cuddles did not find him. There was one more. A Praying Mantis was also spotted. She was found in the beginning. I took a shore video but no picture, sorry. I was happy to get this done, even in this crazy heat. It does make my Soul Smile!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

A long Hot week here

Almost forget this last thing. Yes, both the boys have figured out how to get to the top of the cabinet. There is no turning back now. OHH, and yes I have found them up there again.

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