Hamscher Homestead

A floor, more color and shhh

Finally nearing the end of this remodel journey… a temporary floor has been glued down. Yes, it is dusty, but Swiffer to the rescue. The kitties have been enjoying the sunlight in here. If you look VERY close you can see a dark green bouncy ball in the far end of the floor (kitty toy). Joe, wants to move back in this next week. Fingers crossed because the closet needs to be put back in, new blinds on the windows and trim. I will keep you posted!! haha

Remember last weeks tree?? This Sugar Maple is just enjoying the change and so are we!! The temperature is going to shift the color should come quicker. I have been taking a pictures of this tree about every other day. Here is the where last weeks photo is… link

After the sun started to set yesterday, I decided I needed to “destroy” all the evidence, haha. The wind was still, the night was crisp. Yup, a perfect night to burn. No worry, no cardstock was injured during this situation.

Thank you for stopping in today!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Where I will be this weekend!


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