Hamscher Homestead

A big surprise package??

Hummmm, what could it be??

Joe called me out of my “office” to talk about this box that got delivered. What the heck?? He told me that it was one of my birthday presents. Let me just say this thing was up to my waste.

What the Heck??

We had been talking about a toaster the week before, but no way was it a toaster… NOPE!! I was really trying to think … hummm, What big thing has I suggested for him to get me?? hummmm.. I had nothin’. However there was a way… Open it, right?


A new popcorn machine… Remember everyone, the old one. It quit working and Joe said that maybe he could fix it, but really was it worth it. Apparently this was much easier!! And sooo darn nice too! Holy cow, wipe to clean the house just smells of popcorn!! I will admit it has not been empty since it was plugged in! yyyyuuuummmm.

Girl’s Night here we come!!

And because of that… I had to move all the “pretties” over on the “desk” of the kitchen. Ordered a few containers to store stuff. I did however decide that the Red, White and Blue needed to expand in the kitchen… What do you think??

ohhh, I love it!

I think it might need a small piece, which I have, up in the upper right corner… I just need to find the red, white and blue box down in the basement. Been busy working on other stuff!

One, last thing… O have been telling you guys how Joe has been working down in the basement. YUP, soo much cleaning down there I am scared!! ssshhhh, do not say anything to Joe though! Fingers crossed he keeps getting things cleaned up! Why, because then I have more time to craft.

Silly question!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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