Coffee and Cards,  YouTube video

5/12 Coffee and Cards

To Color or not to Color all the flowers…??

Well, what would you do?? I am sorry to report that I left the flowers. I actually like all the “Black and White” space. YIKES!! What is happening to me?

Yes even this one… How are you feeling about the Bermuda Bay and Highland Heather?? We may just have to try this full on cardstock together. Look for that in the NEAR future!

I sure hope you are not sick of this fold! I am enjoying it! Thankful also that I remember all the measurements. I can not find a single thing in the pile of post-its, scratch paper and print outs.. Someone please help me!!

Check the video that has been uploaded to YouTube ALREADY!! Yeah Brad, and thank you! I did add the measurements to the comments on that video.

Thank you very much everyone for all your support and laughs. I do enjoy our videos. Off to create a new YouTube video!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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