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4/11 Coffee and Cards

Sooo much to do but, sooo much fun is coming soon!!

In case you missing Coffee and Cards today, I am already starting to plan my birthday party and want to include all of you!! Obviously, this party will be a virtual one, but still so much to do!! I hope you will join in on the fun, I will keep you posted on all the festivities when they are finalized!!

April 28

Is my actual birthday, in case you were wondering!! Yes, I am EXCITED!!!

Happy Easter!!

I know that on day 1,058,028 of this pandemic (my tickr is slightly off, BUT!!) We can not celebrate in our “normal” fashion. I am trying to make the best of all the good. I sure hope that you do the same.

You are blessed, you are loved and you can craft TODAY.

I am sending everyone flowers too.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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