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3D Thursday Sherri Strawberry Creme Treats

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3D Thursday Sherri Strawberry Creme

Guys, I have never heard of Cow Tails, have you?? Today’s 3D Thursday Sherri Strawberry Creme treats are just that. If you know what they are please comment below. You guys know how much I love the Share a Milkshake bundle. Well here we go again!! Okay, maybe not if you only follow me here. But if you have seen ANY Coffee and Cards. Yup, I have used it a couple times. Anyway, be sure to say hello and leave some love over on facebook!!

How cute it this one?? Grab your Sweet Sorbet goodies and you are all set!! Do you see the lines on the straw?? Yup, that is in the Share A Milkshake bundle. The stamp set itself is a two step stamp set. Meaning that you can create different effects depending on your stamping. See the “glass” here?? It takes two different stamps to get that look. What I love is that you do not need a ton of supplies. One ink and the right stamp set.

I bet that the Blending Brush was the perfect way to all that soft color to the sentiment piece. The embellishments in the ombre color added just a bit more. I am love it. But please someone tell me what these Cow Tails are.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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