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3D Thursday Sherri has Marvel boxes today

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3D Thursday Sherri has Marvel

This one is soo fun guys!! Today for 3D Thursday Sherri has Marvel treat boxes. Inside are Kinder snacks and just wait until you see the rest. You are going to love it. Plus where the items come from!

I found out that Sherri had help from the hubby on this one. I love when they help, don’t you?? Anyway he found this super fun Kinder treat with all these Marvel characters inside. Now take a deep breath, each box is made and set apart with different DSP packs. I know that there some from the annual catalog and mini too. DANG this would be soo fun for not only Halloween treats but could also see using this for a birthday party. Need a closer look??

Here you go… I will admit that I went looking through the catalog looking for this spider, thankfully you do not. Check page 39 of the annual catalog in the Cottage Wreath set. How do I not have that one?? Hummm, Thanks Sherri now I need this.

Guys be sure to leave Sherri some love either on facebook or her website. Sherri thank you for this super cute idea!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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