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35th Anniversary get 35% more or cheaper

35th Anniversary get 35% more or cheaper

Did you know that Stampin’ Up! Is celebrating it’s 35th year being in business?? That is pretty dang good, right?? I think so…especially since most other companies (similar) have gone by the way side. Yes, this family owned and operated business is going strong. So much so that they have NO BANK debt.

AND yes there is more…

They have manufacturing located here in the US for ink, paper and STAMPS. All of these amazing things, I think. That is a company that I love being a part of. Actually, that I am grateful to be a part of. Supporting local is high on everyone’s list. How about supporting yourself?? I mean who does NOT like getting discounts? We join shopping clubs, do subscriptions and ‘clip’ coupons. why/?

To save money, right??

Well, how about a way to save on your crafting supplies?? You are going to get some of these no matter what, right?? Like adhesives and cardstock. Why not get them from yourself and save 20%. This is an amazing time to join the…

🦋IWS Shoppers Club🦋

Have not heard about that?? Well, join the Inky Whispers Sisters (IWS) and become a Shopping Club member. You get a minimum of 20% off ALL of your purchases. You get to see stuff first! Buy stuff first and have fun with your new stamping friends!!

Ohhh but wait

Yes, there is more… When you join the club, you get me and all the Inky Whisper Sisters as a supportive team. We laugh together and stamp together too. We meet at our monthly team meeting, online or in person. Plus, we help each other out too. Questions?? Well, I love those too!! Please ASK!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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