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1400 Bulbs to Plant and Winter Prep work.

1400 Bulbs to Plant and Winter Prep

Guys I have been wanting to get thing done. However, the much neede rain has my hands tied. With 1400 Bulbs to Plant and Winter Prep work to be done I need a few nice days. Tonight is supposed to be our first hard frost. Ohhh my poor flowers. That is okay… I am working on planting lots for spring. Soo many pretty new Tulips and Daffodiles that I have not seen before.

I am even more excited because I was able to share some of my bulbs with neighbors too. Planted at four of my friends houses, plus a couple other places. I have about 600 left I think. I went from 4 FULL crates to one super full and one about half full. The last places that I have to plant are out at the road over on the additional property and the two front flower beds.

I started my day pretty early for me. Worked on getting the solar lights that need to come in the house for the winter. Those are all up on the deck ready to be turned off and stored in the basement. Next I put pots away, including the one that was by the bird feeder pole. Took off the extension and put back the feeder that my dad gave me. Added the other feeders to the hooks and other post. Tossed the hanging baskets. Added a few bulb in a HUGE pot that I have on the deck. And got the planters ready for winter greens. NOOO not yet, but soon.

Then I went to the garden off the kitchen window and added bulbs there and compost. Now several placed in the front. The memorial garden, the concrete mixer, both lilac hedges and two different trees. Ohh yeah I added some bulbs up by the street opposite the mailbox. Plus I added a few on the hill.

I can not wait to see how it all turns out!! You know I will share with you when Spring arrives.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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