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11/18 Tidbits..

Sooo, last Thursday… I went out to my favorite hair salon and did it. Had Jen do a somewhat drastic cut. She was hesitant but after I told her that I have been seriously thinking about it and had an idea. YUP, she chopped it. My neck is a little cooler, and I have enjoyed the sassy parts too! WOOOHOOO!

I have spoken about Cracker Barrel before… and we ALWAYS go there. The charm was picked up and I will share that one later in the week. But these are a few highlights of the things we found while window shopping!! I know that I need the one on the right… hummmm?? Anyone want to make one with me?? The owl was just super cool. I found a few other things, but one is a gift.


Crazy week ahead….

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Mark your calendars.
November 20-22


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